India celebrates its 75th Republic Day

 French President Macron became the chief guest at Indian Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi

by Rajeev Pathak

India got its independence from the Britishers on 15th August 1947 and the Day is known as Independence Day.  

The Constitution Assembly drafted the country's own constitution and that was implemented on 26th January, 1950. Since then, 26th January has been celebrated as the Republic Day of the country. 

Every year Republic Day is celebrated with a lot of fanfare all over the country and abroad. This year, French President Emmanuel Macron became the chief guest for the main celebrations at the national capital, New Delhi.

Here are the glimpses;

Indian Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh, PM Narendra Modi, and President Macron taking salutes from the armed forces.

Camel Battalion that defends the country in deserts

Women soldiers are now on the front when the matter of the country's defense comes.

PM Modi paid tributes to martyrs.

As we know India is the largest democracy in the world and continues to march ahead in every field despite its diversity of culture, difficult geographical and weather conditions, and not-so-friendly neighbors.